ID Cyber Solutions Ltd, 29 Eagle Street, Craighall Business Park, Glasgow, G4 9XA

Meet the Team: Morgan Hendricks

Curious who’s on the other end of the phone or helping you through your Cyber Essentials certification? Find out through our Meet the Team series.

Q: What is your role at ID Cyber?

A: Business Support Administrator

Q: When did you join ID Cyber?

A: July 2023

Q: Can you describe your role at ID Cyber?

A:I deal with the admin side of things, like taking calls and setting up new customer accounts.

Q: How did you end up working in cyber security?

A: The team are great and the work is interesting. I enjoy doing courses to further my knowledge on the subject to better help customers — I’m currently working my way through the Network Defense Essentials course.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: I have 3 horses who take up most of my time. They’re essentially giant dogs since they’re so lovable.

Q: What’s your favourite dinosaur?

A: Diplodocus or Velociraptor

Q: Who’s your favourite superhero? 

A: Superman, but only Henry Cavill

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