ID Cyber Solutions Ltd, 29 Eagle Street, Craighall Business Park, Glasgow, G4 9XA
Georgia is smiling at the camera. She has long brown and blonde hair, and has a gin glass in front of her.

Meet the Team: Georgia Milton

Curious who’s on the other end of the phone or helping you through your Cyber Essentials certification? Find out through our Meet the Team series.

Q: What is your role at ID Cyber?

A: Cyber Essentials Assessor

Q: When did you join ID Cyber?

A: October 2023

Q: Can you describe your role at ID Cyber?

A: Before being employed here fulltime, I won a prize which included a training course provided by ID Cyber—Certified Ethical Hacker—so the first few months at ID Cyber have been filled with lots of studying! But mostly, as a Cyber Essentials Assessor, I spend my time helping applicants get certified.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about working at ID Cyber?

A: Everyone else has already said this but I love the team and the work environment. At ID Cyber we are like a family and I couldn’t have asked for better colleagues.  

Q: How did you end up working in cyber security?

A: When I was younger, I wanted to be like one of those cool computer hackers you see in the movies and from there I developed an interest in cyber security. I then left school early and went to university to study ‘Digital Security & Forensics’. Outwith university I was always topping up my knowledge via various online courses and cyber security podcasts. In terms of living out my ‘hacker’ fantasies I was regularly doing challenges on TryHackMe and Hack The Box.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: Currently I am fixated on trying to solve a Rubik’s cube in 30 seconds. I have various types of fun (but frustrating) cubes that I am trying to solve, such as a mirror cube (which has no colours) and a dodecahedron cube (which has 10 sides). If you are easily addicted to puzzles stay away from Rubik’s cubes as 10 minutes can very quickly become 2 hours…

I also love travelling. Last summer, I went to a musical festival in London with my friends. I was home for a day, then I was on a plane to Turkey with my boyfriend. Straight after that I was on a girls trip to Belfast. At the airport travelling home, I usually have already planned and/or booked my next trip! So far this year I am going to Tenerife, Berlin, and Barcelona. According to an app on my phone I have been to 7% of the world, so there are many more countries on my bucket list!

If I am doing none of the above you will otherwise find me with a gin in hand, Boe Violet being my favourite.

Q: What’s your favourite dinosaur?

A: I have a four-year-old little brother who is obsessed with hot-wheels so… Motosaurus.

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