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Certified SCADA Security Professional Course launched

ID Cyber is proud to announce the launch of the new PECB Certified SCADA Security Professional course.  This is aimed at Security professionals looking to understand the unique challenges of SCADA the course provides complete guidance on building effective an effective security programme to manage the unique risks to Industrial Control Systems used in multiple industries.

The course has been designed by industry experts with in-depth experience in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems Security. Unlike other certifications, this course focuses specifically on the knowledge and skills needed by a professional looking to advice on, or manage risks related to SCADA environments and systems. Given the high profile nature, and the significant impacts associated with such environments, a holistic professional approach to security is needed and that is exactly what this course is designed to provide.

In addition to presenting the theoretical knowledge needed by a SCADA Security Professional, a comprehensive methodology for the implementation is presented. Thus, at the end of this course, participants will gain knowledge on how to effectively implement a security program for SCADA/ICS systems.

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