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Three Main Advantages of Developing a Cyber-Aware Workforce

Is the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks, along with a scarcity of cyber-skilled workers, a cause for concern for your business? If so, the solution may be closer than you think…

Your own workforce! 

Enrich and strengthen your business cybersecurity by nurturing employees who show enthusiasm and desire in improving their skill set and attaining industry-recognised certifications.

Why Should You Focus on Developing a Cyber-Aware Workforce?

With the advancement of technology, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and destructive. In 2021, cybercrime cost medium to large businesses an average of £19,200. You may feel that you’re fully protected with premium security systems in place but, without thorough employee training, you may be fighting a losing battle. Your employees are critical to your company’s daily operations, and it’s paramount they understand how to deal with impending threats.

What are the Advantages of a Cyber-Aware Workforce?

We’ve outlined below the three main advantages of developing and upskilling your workforce and how this can be achieved through our robust training courses and certifications.

Increase individual resilience to cyber threats

Human error is without a doubt one of the most serious security threats to businesses, accounting for 82% of security breaches. Human errors can be split into two categories: skill-based and decision-based. Skill-based errors are minor mistakes which are caused by “distracted” employees, while decision-based errors are caused by a lack of knowledge. With robust training, you can transform your workforce from a security liability to a security asset.

Drive retention of highly valuable employees

With the shortage of cyber skills having more than doubled from 23% to 51% since 2014, the stakes are considerably higher when it comes to employee retention as businesses are continuously searching for and poaching talent to fill their gaps. If you’re fortunate enough to have acquired top talent, you’ll want to stay tuned in.

Employee retention is often significantly greater in businesses that support and encourage ongoing education and development. By actively offering development opportunities to each team member and allowing them to select professional training that they believe best matches and maximises their potential, you’re creating a loyal workforce to be reckoned with.

A more skilled, confident, and knowledgeable workforce

When resilience and retention are combined, you will benefit from a workforce that is considerably more skilled, confident, and knowledgeable in safeguarding your business from damaging cyber attacks. Our courses not only equip participants with effective knowledge and skills, but also ensure attendees leave with a sense of empowerment.

Why Choose ID Cyber Training UK for your Cyber Training Solutions? 

Here at ID Cyber, it is our promise to guarantee the highest standards of integrity in the industry, carrying out the most beneficial cyber education in a constantly changing environment. Through cyber training and certification, we’ll provide the professional knowledge to protect your company from cyber attacks from opportunistic criminals, counterfeiters, fraudsters, employees, and other sources.

Throughout the year, we offer a variety of specialised cybersecurity courses hosted by world-renowned industry professionals.  

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