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Launch of IASME Cyber Baseline

What is IASME Cyber Baseline?

Earlier this week, The IASME Consortium launched IASME Cyber Baseline, a new cyber security certification for organisations outside the UK.

Cyber Baseline incorporates the core aspects of Cyber Essentials with the structure of the Cyber Assurance scheme, acting as both a comprehensive examination of an organisation’s cyber security controls and a step towards the risk-based and policy-focused Cyber Assurance standard.

The new scheme requires an organisation to demonstrate their adherence to cyber security best practices, helping protect the organisation itself as well as its data and customers against internet-based attacks. These practices map to various international standards and frameworks (e.g., Cobit; CIS Controls v8) and have been structured along eight Cyber Assurance themes divided into four categories:

  • Identify and Classify
  • Protect
  • Detect and Deter
  • Respond and Recover

Ultimately, the content and structure of this certification allows for an organisation to ascertain and demonstrate its security posture in a valuable and meaningful way.

Cyber Baseline and Cyber Assurance

Cyber Baseline also acts as a pre-requisite to the Cyber Assurance scheme.

Previously, organisations pursuing Cyber Assurance have been required to hold Cyber Essentials certification, but, as a UK Government scheme, this certification has been unavailable to organisations outside the UK. The introduction of Cyber Baseline means that organisations outside the UK can now access the Cyber Assurance scheme.

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