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Christmas time can be full of festive cheer, however it can also be a very stressful time in business and your private life. Why not reduce that stress significantly?

The Cyber threat is ever present and Christmas time is an optimum time for
Hackers to target businesses when they are trying to rush out orders and get
clear for the festive season. Employees are far more likely to click a malicious
link that could release RANSOMWARE that could cripple your business or
release passwords to people posing as the IT Department during holiday
You can however, reduce your risk by up to 80% and prevent most of the recent
threats such as WannaCry and BadRabbit. A Government questionnaire, CYBER
ESSENTIALS leads you on a defensive journey towards cyber resilience. The
journey is straightforward providing valuable advice for your business.


1. Learn about Passwords
How to create a secure password and how to protect against password attacks

2. Learn about Firewalls
Differentiate between a network-based and host-based firewall. Identify the most
commonly attacked and vulnerable services and how to block these.

3. Learn about Secure Configuration
Know the difference between the Normal, Guest and Administrator account. Be able
to identify unnecessary software and prevent untrusted programs from executing

4. Learn about User Access Control
Difference between the normal and admin user account in daily computer use.

5. Learn about Malware Protection
What anti-malware software is, why I need it and why is scanning of files is
important. Enabling real-time protection providing more immediate protection.

6. Learn about Patch Management
The importance of licenced and supported software. Applying the software updates
timeously and fix critical weaknesses on your system.

This threat is REAL and it can happen to YOU. Don’t let Cyber Criminals
infiltrate your systems and ruin your festive season – let ID Cyber Solutions protect you – go to –

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