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Why You Should Become a Certified Cyber Security Technician

Original content by EC-Council

According to studies, 39% of UK businesses identified a cyber-attack in 2021. The average cost of a cyberattack has cost UK businesses £4,200. For medium to large businesses, this figure drastically rises to £19,400 with phishing and ransomware attacks being the main forms of offences that resulted in these fatal costs.

The information security job market is expected to see major growth in the wake of these increased cyberthreats, as there is a greater need for cybersecurity professionals than ever. In this article, we’ll explain why becoming an EC-Council Certified Cyber Security Technician (C|CT) is an excellent first step towards a career in this competitive, high-demand field.

What Does a Cybersecurity Technician Do?

Cyber Security technicians are directly responsible for multiple tasks related to information and network security. The C|CT certification creates a foundation of technical skills that will enable any individual to enter the world of IT and cybersecurity.

EC-Council’s Essential Skills coursework covers the basics of network defense, ethical hacking, and digital forensics to get you started on the path to becoming a cybersecurity professional. The series not only lays the groundwork for a cybersecurity career in and of itself—it also serves as a starting point for pursuing future certifications and training. In other words, becoming a C|CT means gaining excellent skills right from the start, and they won’t be the last ones you learn.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Certified Cyber Security Technician? 

Becoming a C|CT opens the door to careers in many IT and cybersecurity niches, including networking, systems administration, and security operations center (SOC) analysis. These roles are very much sought after and high paying in-demand. It’s been reported that 51% of all private sector businesses highlighted a lack of confidence in conducting a range of basic cyber security skills tasks or functions. This is where YOU can make a difference.

As noted above, ongoing increases in cybercrime mean that the skills taught in the C|CT program will be in high demand in the future. Becoming a C|CT can get you started in a rapidly expanding field that is expected to provide multiple avenues of growth over time.

The benefits of becoming a C|CT include learning a wide variety of skills that will form a foundation for your work in cybersecurity. Just a few of these skills include:

  • Providing technical cybersecurity support
  • Troubleshooting network security problems and monitoring alerts
  • Applying appropriate standards to protect organizations’ information assets

Finally, the C|CT course offers a robust and uniquely hands-on curriculum. The C|CT covers a broad range of cybersecurity topics, but the coursework also goes deep: The C|CT program encompasses the fundamentals of cybersecurity, identification of security threats and vulnerabilities, network security controls, security design, testing techniques, and much more. All these skills are highly specialized, high-paying, and much needed in today’s digital environments. 

What Are the Benefits of Hands-On Training?

There’s no question that extensive benefits are associated with any academic learning. However, when it comes to cyber security, studying books and retaining knowledge simply isn’t enough. To succeed in this field, you need more than theory—you need practice and real-world experience.

In your C|CT studies, you’ll spend 50% of your time actually applying your knowledge in hands-on labs. This means you’ll develop practical skills and learn real-world techniques to help you identify vulnerabilities, build cyber security defenses, and ensure that computer networks are prepared to manage breaches. 

The C|CT course offers ample immersive experience through 85 wide-ranging labs covering numerous scenarios within network defense, ethical hacking, digital forensics, and more. These highly realistic scenarios provide the practice opportunities you need to prepare for a career in cybersecurity and help you develop the critical thinking skills necessary to become a world-class cyber security professional.

These challenges take place on EC-Council’s exclusive Cyber Range, which plays a key role in EC-Council certification courses. The live Cyber Range gives you the practical experience you need by letting you explore immersive scenarios that teach you how to deploy your skills in the real-world environments you’ll encounter during your career. This environment allows you to test your programming skills, practice computer forensics, and learn how to handle a variety of security incidents. 

Ready to Become a Certified Cyber security Technician?

You can find additional information about how to become a C|CT on EC-Council’s website or visit our website where you can also explore the many other cyber security certifications.